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Performance efficient global logistic network

Wagtech Projects supplies products to all continents and therefore operates an extensive global logistics network. We are constantly analysing the performance efficiency and cost of current logistic supply methods in order to ensure that our customers are receiving the most efficient service possible at competitive rates.

Due to the critical requirement of on-time deliveries during project work, we fully understand the importance of setting realistic time schedules and meeting these dates, in order to ensure our customers own operations are not negatively affected by procurement delays. It is this commitment, shared by all in the company from Sales to Operations, which underpins all logistics issues at Wagtech Projects.

When delivering goods across the globe, time management is of upmost importance. With transit times to certain destinations taking up to 6-8 weeks and involving combination shipment by air, sea and road transport, it is important that we have control of all shipments. To this end, Wagtech Projects will be able to inform you of exactly where your order is, and at what stage of the delivery schedule it is, at any time during the process. Customers are provided a tracking number which they simply provide to the Operations Department in order to get an update.

Once Wagtech Projects has received confirmation of the delivery, follow up dialogue is initiated in order to ensure that everything is in order and if any more help is needed in-country. Once the entire process is complete, we carry out a critical in-house analysis of the transit of your goods with a view to reducing transit times and improving the quality of our service wherever possible. We welcome, and indeed actively encourage feedback on all orders so that we can constantly adapt and improve this service.

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