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Bulk packed pallet quantity NaDCC Aquatabs.

A single NaDCC Aquatab will purify as little as 1 litre of water up to 1,250 litres (please see our Aquatabs information sheet in the download section to select a tablet size to suit your needs).

NaDCC water purification tablets are rapid dissolution effervescent chlorine tablets, lethal to pathogenic bacteria, viruses, spores, algae, fungi and cysts and are designed for applications in emergency water disinfection, water tanks and water systems.

Adding a quantity of 1 (one) to your basket will generate a quotation for 1 (one) full pallet of your chosen tablet size.

Please Note that while our stocks are rotated regularly occasionally this product will have a shorter expiration date than we would like, therefore, please advise us in your quote request if you require the product for immediate use or for stock replenishment.

NaDCC Aquatabs are supplied in accordance with the following agency specifications:

Aquagranules: Drinking Water Purification


NaDCC water purification Aquagranules are rapid dissolution effervescent chlorine granules, lethal to pathogenic bacteria, viruses, spores, algae, fungi and cysts and are designed for applications in emergency water disinfection, water tanks and large volume water systems.

  • NaDCC tablets and granules dissolve rapidly.

  • Effective against cholera, typhoid, dysentery and other water borne diseases.

  • Clean, safe drinking water in 30 minutes.

  • NaDCC is safe to transport.

  • Long shelf-life.

  • Tested and approved worldwide.

  • ‘Aquagranules’ is a brand name of Medentech Ltd.

Flexible Water Bladder / Pillow Tanks


Our flexible water bladder tanks, sometimes known as layflat or pillow tanks are the strong, light and economical answer to instant water storage and transportation needs. the tanks are extremely mobile and can be unrolled and used on any area of flat ground that has been cleared of debris. They are ideally suited for harsh environments and suitable for potable water or waste water and chemical contaminant applications and can be used within CBRN approved systems.

1,000 to 50,000 litre capacities.

Suitable for all climates and easily installed by 2 people in around 15 minutes

Each standard tank includes all necessary installation tools, instruction manual and repair kit. All tanks can be supplied individually, with outlet valves and pipework, or as part of a kit to include pumps and distribution tapstands.  

P & G Water Purifying Sachets


P&G Purifier of Water is a powdered mixture that removes pathogenic micro-organisms and suspended matter, rendering previously contaminated water safe to drink.

P&G Purifier of Water contains a chlorine disinfectant (calcium hypochlorite) for killing bacteria and an iron salt coagulant (ferric sulfate) for removing suspended matter, protozoa, and viruses. It also contains a buffer, clay and polymer to provide good coagulation and flocculation.

P&G Purifier of Water is safe for long-term use by the entire family, including infants, and is considered an effective technology by the World Health Organization (WHO).

P&G Purifier of Water’s application results in water quality that meets WHO guidelines. In field and laboratory studies, P&G Purifier of Water has been proven to eliminate disease-causing microorganisms and to remove virtually all suspended material.

Availability: We hold extensive stocks available for dispatch in several locations worldwide. We are the sole European agent for this product.

Plastic Collapsible Jerry Can


Manufactured from non toxic food grade LDPE, our foldable / collapsible Jerry cans are self supporting and ideal for emergency use. They are square shaped and intended for water collection and storage for individuals or family use. Moulded carry handles are incorporated into the design making them easy to transport by hand. The material is smooth finished with no sharp edges. Each jerry can has a screw top lid with distribution tap for ease of use.

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